After the Fall season comes to a close, every coach and program director needs to evaluate their staff as well as their staff. Here are a few tips on becoming a better coach, mentor and leader. Lets begin!!!

  1. Never stop learning. Learning is for life.
  2. Be a role model for your athletes
  3. Believe in your athletes – they believe in you
  4. Coach the person not the athlete.
  5. Communicate – clearly, concisely, calmly, constructively, consistently and cleverly.
  6. Focus on the long term even when trying to achieve in the short term.
  7. Constantly challenge yourself and your athletes.
  8. Try not to over-coach. You don’t need to talk ALL the time.
  9. Be firm and fair.
  10. Self-reflection is your constant companion: be your own best critic but strive to be objective rather than self destructive.