A few have asked “What’s NuStarz all about?” or “You still doing NuStarz?”… and for a minute, I pause and can’t help but think… “you don’t know?”  …”ahh come on…”   “you know me..”  …”we played ball together”…  “we’re friends..”.. aghh heck..

So, as I’m thinking now and should’ve said then… “Hey, of course, Thank you for asking” …  so I felt the need to write about it, wanna hear it… here it go!

This is what’s it all about.
Having ever played baseball or softball (or anything hard to do in life), you know that beyond fundamentals, the name of the game is attitude, and believing you can achieve success will ultimately equate to both success and confidence. NuStarz Sports has arrived at the niche in manufacturing baseball products for just that, the game between the ears.  The foundation of NuStarz came from the idea of making products that boost player confidence. (with function and some fun) This is where The FUNdamentals of Baseball and Think Outside the Batter’s Box came from.

“As a former Division 1 college and minor league player, I always performed best when I visualized hitting the ball or making the play, and when I could see it (in my head) during preparation, I almost always did it and it built the confidence to do it again.”  – Dean Smith

What about NuStarz Products?
I have so many great ideas, have heard a ton or great ideas, but at the end of the day they’re just ideas unless you can make them happen.  While there are plenty more actual products coming from NuSturz… here’s what’s started it all and I turned into more than an just a dream, idea, drawing or styro cutout…

“Baseball with Battitude”
For hitter’s, NuStarz has invented and been granted two US patents for baseball-shape batting weights, called BatW8z™. BatW8z™ slide over the handle of baseball and softball bats and used to physically warming-up hitters, as similar products have done since the 1950’s, however, BatW8z™, with their inherent baseball shape, allow hitters to visualize bat-to-ball contact.  Additionally, NuStarz adds confident designs that improve approach with successful hitting themes that give hitters ‘Battitude‘.

“The Essence of Defense”
For Fielders, NuStarz has invented and granted US patent for a glove break-in / glove shape-maintaining wraps that wrap around a player’s glove to help shape or keep the shape of the glove and called GluvRapz™.  GluvRapz™ are made of commercial grade neoprene, in unique shape that forms to and fit most gloves to shape them ready to catch a ball.  Additionally, GluvRapz™, are decorated with confident building defensive-terms and lingo based on the game and protecting the field.

More… NuStarz also has temporary baseball tattoos, swinging training platforms, shirts and hats…  Play with confidence, hustle and use proper form and fundamentals… Why? …So you can look good, feel good, play good and be good! (At baseball or anything else you try to accomplish in life)

Thank you for asking and Thank you so very much for supporting NuStarz and sharing NuStarz products with the ball player in your family.

Feel the need? #nustarz