by: Larry Cicchiello

So they’re getting in your kitchen too often huh? Well, let’s find out how you can stop that now. If you feel that too many pitchers are getting in your kitchen too often and jamming you inside, there may be several reasons why. Let’s look at a few possible reasons, starting out with the possible easier fixes first before getting more involved.

1. Make sure you are not standing too close to the plate and make sure you don’t have a bat that’s too heavy or too long. Remember, it’s always better to err on the side of a bat being too light but never err on the side of having a bat that’s too heavy. Like I said, we always look for the easiest fix first. If we didn’t luck out that easily, let’s get into this a little bit deeper.

2. Keep your hands inside the path of the baseball. Keeping your hands inside the baseball is one of the better baseball tips on hitting. Getting your hands too far away from the body will encourage you to get “jammed” in on your fists and the handle of the bat.

3. Make sure you are not straightening out your front arm too quickly. This will cause you to push your hands outside and create a slightly longer route to the baseball. “Always take the shortest route to granny’s house.”

4. Keep the back of your bottom hand facing the pitcher when starting your swing. You will be quicker to the ball and have a better chance of getting the good part of the bat on the ball. Only at contact should one palm be facing up and the other palm facing down. The two most overused words in baseball are “level swing.” Players have heard these two words hollered out to them hundreds of times since they were about eight years old. The first part of the baseball swing is not level at all. It is a downward movement.

5. Use more “hands” when swinging and less arms. A very common baseball hitting problem with youngsters who feel they need to “muscle” the ball to hit it hard. It actually slows up their swing and will increase the chance of being jammed on the pitch. The hands are the main event and not the arms. There is no substitute for having quick hands!

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