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What is a baseball routine? Why is it important? How do the pros get ready for a game? Doug explains how to prepare for a baseball game through batting practice, pregame, and game routines. (Full Article here)

On deck circle routines

  • Do you use a donut to weight your bat? Do you stretch, or just take some swings to get loose.
  • Relax and make breathing and visualization a part of your routine. See the fastball right down the middle that you are about to hit right up the middle about 10 feet off the ground.
  • See it and feel it before it happens. Once you get up to the box, everything goes out the window except for your mental approach.

At the plate routines

  • It is now time to compete. Every big league hitter has some type of routine when he steps in the box.
  • He gets in the box the same way. He stands the same distance from the plate every time. He touches the plate the same way and waggles his bat.
  • He might lay his bat on his shoulder relaxed waiting for the pitcher to get his sign.
  • There are many routines and they are all mostly different but they serve a purpose for each individual.
  • Ryan Howard will get in the box and point his bat toward the pitcher. He does that so he knows his shoulders are in line with the pitcher (not closed) and so he can keep his torso upright.
  • Everyone does a little something as a mental or physical reminder before they do battle with the pitcher.